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    How We Do It

    • We’re a team (mainly volunteers) of menders, sanders, smoothers, restorers, adjusters, and tweakers.
    • We take pre-loved stuff headed for waste and bring it back to life so it can be loved again.
    • Every item we restore helps our local community and environment.

    Where We Do It

    We’re based in a fantastic workshop at the Reuse & Recycling Centre, Nathan Way.

    The Best Bit?

    Once restored all Repurposed items are sold to raise vital funds for Greenwich & Bexley Community Hospice.

    Greenwich & Bexley Community Hospice


    We hate the idea of unnecessary waste and believe in second chances.  Once loved items destined for the bin may only need a pinch of love and a little tinkering to return them to glory so they can bring joy to their new owner, diverting them from landfill and providing vital funds to support Greenwich & Bexley Community Hospice.

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      By the Numbers

      Hours Volunteered Last Month (it’s on the rise!)
      Items Rescued from the Clutches of the Bin
      Generated for Greenwich & Bexley Community Hospice (well that’s our aim for the year)
      Happy Customers (we’ve only just opened!)

      HOW WE DO IT

      Working in collaboration with the Royal Borough of Greenwich we give visitors to the Nathan Way Reuse and Recycling Centre the opportunity of donating their once loved, but now sadly unwanted items to Repurpose rather than condemning them to the bin forever!  The Repurpose Team then gets to work sanding, smoothing, restoring, adjusting, tweaking, and mending until they end up with something they’re really quite proud of.  This is then put on display in our onsite rePurpose Shop or delivered to one of Greenwich & Bexley Community Hospice’s many shops where it will be snapped up by its lucky new owner to be loved once again.

      In short we rescue items headed for the bin, restore them, provide our community with access to goods, all the while generating income for Greenwich & Bexley Community Hospice.

      We like to call this: win, win, win,win.

      • Supporting the Community – all our profits go to support the important work of Greenwich & Bexley Community Hospice

      • Supporting the Environment – by sorting, dismantling, and restoring a wide range of items to make sure the least material possible ends up in the bin.

      • Amazing Team – We’re a team (mainly volunteers) with a vast range of experience, some of us are good with wood, others electrical, some paint, others sort, some lift and carry.  Together we are able to create fantastic unique items.


      WHAT WE DO

      People end up throwing out perfectly good things for a whole host of reasons:

      • I’ve gone off it
      • My other half doesn’t approve
      • I made a mistake
      • I’ve got a better one
      • I’m downsizing
      • I’m up-scaling
      • I don’t need it anymore
      • Ok, I admit it, I’m never going to use it (but it was a good idea at the time!)

      The list goes on.

      But we can all do better and these pre-loved items deserve better! So, if it’s “too good to throw”, send it in our direction and you can feel good about helping your local community and environment.

      We’re a team (mainly volunteers) who take great pleasure in getting our hands on something that’s destined for the bin and bringing it back to life, so it can be loved again and bring joy to its new owner.

      Every item we restore helps our local community and environment.

      Repurpose Logo

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      Got a question? Keen to know more?
      Want to get involved? Got a secret to share?