Reclaimed Wood – Bird Box


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Pine nest box with attractive cedar tiled roof and a plate fitted around 32mm entrance hole to protect inhabitants from predators

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Our nesting boxes are made by Magpie Joinery, a group of youths who are learning woodwork.

The Magpie Joinery nesting box is a durable and functional product ideal for attracting birds into your garden. Each nesting box is made by hand from reclaimed wood. It is important to locate the nest box away from predators at a height of 2-5 m from the ground. Shelter from strong winds and direct sunlight. Do not locate nest box adjacent to feeding sites. Do not disturb the nest box once it is in use. It is important to clean out your nest box at least once a year between September and October ensuring that all nesting material is removed. It is very likely that the box will be used as a winter roosting site.



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